Student Showcase

Student Showcase: Vinter, By Denise Larsson 9E
Larsson, Denise - Vinter, By Denise Larsson 9E
Student Showcase: Portraits
Sjödin, Izabell - Portraits
Student Showcase: Pop Art
Jacobs, Jessica - Pop Art
Student Showcase: Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice
Telin Örnblom, Matis - Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice
Student Showcase: Little Red Riding Hood
Wahlström, Felicia - Little Red Riding Hood
Student Showcase: Bullying
Hansson, Felicia - Bullying
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“My three years at Engelska skolan Gävle, gave me the feeling of longing for Monday. :-) Before I started in 7th grade, I had high expectations on the school, excited to try something new. It’s no understatement that these years changed my idea of how fun and stimulating school can be. I … ”