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GAME ON - Again, LAN 18 ongoing

What more can you ask for from the school when it comes to extra-curricular activities than, in two words: LAN PARTY!

From Friday afternoon until Saturday morning, the students get to bring their own computer and play all night long. From our perspective, it is great to see all these students in their gaming environment, playing together and having so much fun. This is a tradition that started 9 years ago, and we have every intention of keeping it going.

Student Work

Tom Palmer - Author Visit All the Way From England!

Autographed by Mr. Palmer!

We were thrilled and honored to have our first author visit from abroad when Mr. Tom Palmer from England came to visit our Year 6 and Year 7 students on a snowy winter's day. He is the author of many books, mainly with sport and historical themes. He spoke about his own school years when reading was hard for him, about how reading changed his world in his late teens, and about his work as an author today. He also played a fun quiz game with the students, which led to a football penalty shootout, and three happy winners who each won a book autographed by Mr. Palmer!

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Khazar Fatemi Visits Year 9 Again

Khazar Fatemi

For the fifth year in a row, the Swedish Department had the pleasure to invite Ms. Fatemi to our school. Connected to our theme “Flyga drake/Afghanistan” she offers our students insight into the struggle with having to leave your country and memories behind for something else. Something no one chooses willingly. We get to experience her search for who she is, where she comes from and how to find your identity. Her documentary “Where My Heart Beats” takes us back to Afghanistan with her and we get to follow her story - but not only that. We also get to meet Afghan people who are living life in uncertainty, in a country that is very unstable and who are fighting for their basic rights.

We are so grateful for a day with our students and Ms. Fatemi that gives us so much knowledge and brings attention to some of the most difficult times, decisions and struggles a person can go through.

Thank you all for this fantastic day,

Swedish Department 2018  

Student Work

Sports day VT18

IESG students playing

This year, there was finally plenty of snow for winter activities for our annual winter sports day.

Lots of students enjoyed outdoor activities like skiing, skating and ice fishing, but there were also other, less wintery, activities to choose from, such as archery, dance, climbing wall, swimming, and padel tennis. There were plenty of opportunities to try something new, or to hone one’s skills in a favorite activity.

Student Work

Talent Show

Elin Zhang 5C playing the grand piano

The first of February we had our annual IESG Talent Show, this time at the beautiful Gävle Teater. Students from year 3 to year 9 showed the audience their different talents.

The winner from Senior School is a group of dancers from year 8: Daniella Shima 8E, Ida Hellstrand 8A, Elsa Clahr 8A, Tindra Karlsson 8E, Ebba Elvelid 8C, Julia Pettersson 8E and Selma Eldebrandt 8A

The winner from Junior School is Elin Zhang 5C playing the grand piano.

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Prom night 2017

Last week we had a wonderful prom for our year 9 students to celebrate the three delightful years we have enjoyed with them here at the International English School in Gävle.

The students showed up at Två Kockar (Two Chefs) in amazingly beautiful dresses, gowns and tuxedos.  We started things off with some time for our students to mingle and take photos with one another, before we had a three course dinner. The dinner program begun with an emotionally moving piano performance by Deniz Hamidi.  As a surprise, the staff had made movies depicting some of the most endearing characteristics of each of our fantastic year 9 classes.  We hope that you have a chance to see them.  A big thanks to IES Gävle alum, Eric Norberg for the countless hours of editing and production of the videos.

All students had a great time and were extremely well behaved.  Two students who surely had an exciting evening were our Prom Royalty.  This year, Olivia Grönlund Karlsson and Fabian Pernesten were announced as this year’s royalty after dinner.   Dinner was followed up with a waltz and then the disco started with the help of DJ Papi.  Both staff and students finished off the night on the dancefloor.  

The staff is so pleased with our beautiful year nine students and we will surely miss them now when they are heading for new adventures. We wish them a bright and prosperous future.

Student Work

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo and Juliet IESG Wednesday 22nd February and Thursday 23rd February 2017


Ten students all united in dignity,
In the IESG gym hall where we laid our scene,
From grudge to love and a little stupidity,
Some on stage where they ne'er hath been,

Vibrant, rich romance from lithe Marnix and sweet Alva,
Wild abandon from Erik, the singing Julia,
Cool and calm strength from Sara and Emma-Moa,
Chorus from Moa, heroics on and offstage from Irma,
Nobility from Kajsa and wild frolics from Greta.

There was love, hate, poetry, singing and swordfighting, wonderful props and an electric atmosphere.

Thank you to everyone involved but mainly to Marnix Van Heusden, Alva Lindblom, Erik Daunfeldt, Julia Simren, Sara Remback, Emma-Moa Almström, Moa Åhs Lundberg, Irma Bohlin, Kajsa Stenlund and Greta Olsson.

Student Work

The Annual Gingerbread House Competition

Traditions that taste good are worth keeping! This year again, teams of eager students gathered to design, bake, assemble and decorate gingerbread houses. They all did a fantastic job and were very creative! The sweet-smelling results are now on display in the school library for everyone to enjoy, and to vote for their favorite.
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Lucia 2016

In the December darkness, Lucia is a welcome bringer of light and music to cheer our spirits. At IESG we enjoyed a lovely celebration once again, with students both from the Junior building and the Senior building taking part. We had one Lucia from each building, and they were accompanied by many attendants, and treated us to beautiful songs and music. In the afternoon, there was a repeat performance open to friends and family, and at that time there was also a baked goods sale to raise money for Plan International's work to provide education for children all over the world. 
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Emerich Roth - Holocaust survivor

For the third time, we have been honored by a visit from Emerich Roth. Emerich survived five concentration camps, and one of the infamous death marches. He has seen the ultimate evil of humankind.

Emerich spoke to our Year 9 students, and he means that they can learn from history and what he experienced, to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He also said that young people today have a very important role, and can signal if they notice that someone isn’t feeling well, and if those who aren’t feeling well get help and support in time, they will not become hateful. Perhaps the world would have turned out differently if Hitler had had support for his dream of becoming an artist in his youth, Emerich wondered.

Our Year 9 students do a big project about the Second World War in their Swedish, history and English lessons, and Emerich’s visit was a part of that. The students had the opportunity to ask questions, and Emerich gave answers based on his experiences, even though it was clear that it was at times quite difficult for him.

We are all moved and grateful for Emerich’s visit, and impressed that even at the age of 92, he still travels around and tells his story. “The future will tell if we meet again”, Emerich ended his visit at IESG.