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Year 8 Hikes

Happy students on the ice

As part of the outdoor education requirements within Physical Education, our Year 8 students get to go on a day-long winter hike. This year, we had excellent winter conditions for it, as students and teachers took off to Hillesjön outside town. After skiing to a good spot, the students built shelters and cooked lunch in the open air, with the help of equipment they had brought along. Food always tastes extra good outside after exercising! Each class had a good day of putting into practice what they have learned in class, as well as having an enjoyable time together!

Pot over the fire, food tastes good when you are outside!

Student Work

Sports day VT18

IESG students playing

This year, there was finally plenty of snow for winter activities for our annual winter sports day.

Lots of students enjoyed outdoor activities like skiing, skating and ice fishing, but there were also other, less wintery, activities to choose from, such as archery, dance, climbing wall, swimming, and padel tennis. There were plenty of opportunities to try something new, or to hone one’s skills in a favorite activity.

IESG Is Off to a Running Start

Despite rather dreary autumn weather, more than 30 students showed up on an early Friday morning for the first event of this years’ IESG Sports Challenge – the 10K run at Hemlingby. Speedy legs and ambition made for some fine results – well done, runners! Next up is the swimming challenge before Christmas, which will be followed by the skiing and biking challenges in the spring term.

IES Gävle's First sports challenge of the year: Running

This year’s edition of IESG’s Sports Challenge has now started, as around fifty students gathered on an early September morning to run ten kilometers. After a warm-up and a pep talk about beating the current record, at 37 minutes, the students were off. Felix Silver of 8E finished in 43 minutes, and Ebba Berggren of 9B in 53:45, and the others followed, doing their best. An excellently executed challenge!