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Student Work


GAME ON - Again, LAN 18 ongoing

What more can you ask for from the school when it comes to extra-curricular activities than, in two words: LAN PARTY!

From Friday afternoon until Saturday morning, the students get to bring their own computer and play all night long. From our perspective, it is great to see all these students in their gaming environment, playing together and having so much fun. This is a tradition that started 9 years ago, and we have every intention of keeping it going.

Student Work

Tom Palmer - Author Visit All the Way From England!

Autographed by Mr. Palmer!

We were thrilled and honored to have our first author visit from abroad when Mr. Tom Palmer from England came to visit our Year 6 and Year 7 students on a snowy winter's day. He is the author of many books, mainly with sport and historical themes. He spoke about his own school years when reading was hard for him, about how reading changed his world in his late teens, and about his work as an author today. He also played a fun quiz game with the students, which led to a football penalty shootout, and three happy winners who each won a book autographed by Mr. Palmer!

Year 8 Hikes

Happy students on the ice

As part of the outdoor education requirements within Physical Education, our Year 8 students get to go on a day-long winter hike. This year, we had excellent winter conditions for it, as students and teachers took off to Hillesjön outside town. After skiing to a good spot, the students built shelters and cooked lunch in the open air, with the help of equipment they had brought along. Food always tastes extra good outside after exercising! Each class had a good day of putting into practice what they have learned in class, as well as having an enjoyable time together!

Pot over the fire, food tastes good when you are outside!