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Ali's New Adventure

Ali Rahman, Internationella Engelska Skolan, acting.

Ali Rahman is a student in class 9F at the International English School in Gävle. When his Spanish teacher, Ms. Hevia, told the students in the spring that Utbildningsradion (UR) was looking for new participants for a Spanish educational program for teens, Ali saw his chance, and an adventure of new proportions started!

After an initial mailed-in video and a nervous skype interview, the film team came to Gävle for a personal meeting and more detailed screen tests. Ali felt good about the filming, even if it was nervous, and there were some slips of the tongue. However, it should be stressed that the film team was not looking for an expert, says Ali, who has studied Spanish since Year 7.

After a week-long wait, Ali's mother finally received the phone call he had been waiting for: - Ali! You have been selected, welcome to Spain and the making of season 2 of ¡HABLA YA!

For the first time in his 14-year-old life, Ali traveled abroad on his own. He went to Spain, stayed with the film team, and got to try out his Spanish skills both on and off set.  According to Ali, the biggest challenge is that some Spanish people speak incredibly fast. 

When asked if being in front of the camera piqued his interest in filming, he replies:

- Yes, it was fun, I want to do it again!

What was most difficult while filming?

- Uncontrollable laughing attacks, we had to do quite a few retakes.

Ali will be speaking Spanish again already on Thursday, with Ms. Hevia and his classmates in the classroom on Södra Sjötullsgatan. In the future, he will continue his Spanish studies at gymnasiet, and of course, he hopes to visit Spain again to continue developing his Spanish language skills! 

All of us here at IESG congratulate Ali on his selection and on a job well done!

For those who are interested, the programs are now available to view at https://urskola.se/Produkter/207510-Habla-ya-Ser-o-estar#Om-serien

Hasta la vista!