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Ali's New Adventure

Ali Rahman, Internationella Engelska Skolan, acting.

Ali Rahman is a student in class 9F at the International English School in Gävle. When his Spanish teacher, Ms. Hevia, told the students in the spring that Utbildningsradion (UR) was looking for new participants for a Spanish educational program for teens, Ali saw his chance, and an adventure of new proportions started!

After an initial mailed-in video and a nervous skype interview, the film team came to Gävle for a personal meeting and more detailed screen tests. Ali felt good about the filming, even if it was nervous, and there were some slips of the tongue. However, it should be stressed that the film team was not looking for an expert, says Ali, who has studied Spanish since Year 7.

After a week-long wait, Ali's mother finally received the phone call he had been waiting for: - Ali! You have been selected, welcome to Spain and the making of season 2 of ¡HABLA YA!

For the first time in his 14-year-old life, Ali traveled abroad on his own. He went to Spain, stayed with the film team, and got to try out his Spanish skills both on and off set.  According to Ali, the biggest challenge is that some Spanish people speak incredibly fast. 

When asked if being in front of the camera piqued his interest in filming, he replies:

- Yes, it was fun, I want to do it again!

What was most difficult while filming?

- Uncontrollable laughing attacks, we had to do quite a few retakes.

Ali will be speaking Spanish again already on Thursday, with Ms. Hevia and his classmates in the classroom on Södra Sjötullsgatan. In the future, he will continue his Spanish studies at gymnasiet, and of course, he hopes to visit Spain again to continue developing his Spanish language skills! 

All of us here at IESG congratulate Ali on his selection and on a job well done!

For those who are interested, the programs are now available to view at https://urskola.se/Produkter/207510-Habla-ya-Ser-o-estar#Om-serien

Hasta la vista!

Lecture - Khazar Fatemi 

Khazar Fatemi

On 7 March, our Year 9 students had a visit from the journalist Khazar Fatemi, a day filled with emotions and insights. She shared her journey towards finding her memories and identity, and about her work and responsibility. "Use your voice; people are dying for their right to use theirs" is one of her messages, and we don't think anyone left the day with her unmoved. 

Her film "WHere My Heart Beats" gives us insights into what identity is and what it means. Her work with the TV series "Endangered Culture" gives us an understanding of what we take for granted every day. 

Thank you for an amazing day together. The Swedish Department is proud of the respectful reception we give our guests - without our students it wouldn't be possible. 

The Swedish Department and Khazar Fatemi 

2016 Clash of the Classes!

2016 Clash of the Classes!

We start off each school year with our Clash of the Classes competitions, in order for us to establish and re-establish relationships with classmates and staff. This year again, our students from years 7-9 showed up prepared for a day of teamwork, cooperation and friendly competition.

We are proud of the fantastic behaviour that our students exhibited throughout the day, as they competed in such classic events as the three-legged race, potato and spoon race, and the tug-o-war. The winners of each year group this year was 7D, 8F and 9B! They then competed in the grand finale 5-person ski race, which also included a new staff team, and this year’s ultimate champions is class 9B! Way to go! A great way to start another fantastic year at IESG.

From the Principal

School starts at IES Gavle Jr & Sr

Welcome back

Efter sommaren så råder återigen full aktivitet hos oss på IESG. All personal är på plats, och arbetar för att få allt i ordning inför det nya läsåret. Men, trots att det är folk i farten här nu så är det ändå ganska tomt, eftersom det viktigaste ännu saknas: våra elever! Vi ser verkligen fram emot att få träffa både gamla och nya elever när vi drar igång höstterminen måndagen den 22 augusti. För att se vilka tider som gäller för klasser och årskurser på både Junior och Senior, klicka på rubriken ovan. Varmt välkomna!

IES Gavle Jr

Följande tider gäller för skolstarten den 22 augusti:

  • 3AB  8.35 - 11.30
  • 4ABC 8.55 - 12.00
  • 4DEF 9.05 - 12.00
  • 5ABC 8.35 - 12.30
  • 5DEF 8.45 - 12.30
  • 6ABC 9.10 - 12.45
  • 6DEF 9.20 - 12.45

Lunch serveras som vanligt denna dag. Junior club är öppet före och efter skolan.

IES Gavle Sr

  • Year 7 9.30 - 12.00 lunch at 11.30
  • Year 8 9.00 - 11.30 lunch at 11.00
  • Year 9 8.30 - 11.00 lunch at 10.30

On Tuesday, the 23rd of August, there will be a Clash of the Classes at Nynäsplan and you will get more information on the first day back. On Wednesday, August 24th, students will follow their new schedules.