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  • The first day of school!

    <span>Photo by <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditCopyText">Taylor Wilcox</a> on <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_c
    Från rektorn

    It is always a day full of excitement and expectations, as we all look forward to what the new school year will bring. This year more than usual, it feels good to return to familiar routines, when so many things are still not the way we are used to. We ...Read more

  • The end of an unusual school year

    The end of an unusual school year
    Från rektorn

    Our 17th school year is coming to an end, with lots of final work being finished off. This school year has, of course, not been like any of our previous ones, with the covid-19 pandemic turning the world upside down this spring. Even though we have been ...Read more

  • Growing trees and knowledge

    Student Work

    Starting last fall we got a group of approximately 10 students together to plant trees. The goal was to grow some trees in school that we could give out in the hopes that one day they would provide a nice view, some shade and if we are lucky, some ...Read more

  • The Spanish team's got talent!

    The Spanish team's got talent!
    Student Work

    Yet again, IESG students have impressed with their language skills. This spring, two of our Year 9 students, Julia Söderström and Elisabeth Gorn, qualified in the Spanish section of the International Language Competition. They went on to the regional final ...Read more

Vi anställer! Läs mer...
Vi anställer! Läs mer...