Life at IES Gävle

Our school comprises two buildings; the Junior building for Years 3-6, and the Senior building for Years 7-9. The buildings are located centrally in Gävle, about two kilometers apart. Both buildings have been completely renovated and partly rebuilt over the past years to be adapted to our needs, and have been fitted with modern technology and equipment.  We now have spacious, bright and suitable school buildings, of which we are very proud.

Our enlarged Senior building school library now has ample room for both studies and recreational reading in a delightful room. Besides the non-fiction and fiction areas, there is an IT hub, and a newspaper and magazine nook.  Our qualified librarian is on hand during the school day to help you find the information you need, or the perfect book to relax with.

Student doing schoolworks in the school library

Student Room

Our bright, Student Room is a great place for students to relax during break time or after school. It has a large Games Room with a wide range of exciting games, and a lounge with comfortable seating for socializing, a movie corner, and a café where snacks can be bought. Adjacent to the Student Room is also our school yard, with room for outdoor games and activities.

Students playing in a cage at the schoolyard

Sport Halls

The Senior building features two fantastic Sports Halls, which can also be combined into one very large hall. These well-equipped halls offer students and staff opportunities for fitness training and sport events beyond regular P.E. lessons.

Junior Building Södra Kungsgatan 59

The Junior building, located at Södra Kungsgatan 59, is a historic structure located just south of central Gävle. Bus no. 2 stops in front every 10 minutes. 


Welcome to our school! Every morning hundreds of eager students enter the halls of learning through our colorful and attractive entrance. A staff member is outside meeting students with a hearty "Good morning", waving to parents as they drive off. Personal contact is important to us.

Student Hall

One of several meeting places for our students, Student Hall has a lounge area, a café and a student-sized chess set. Time spent here is casual and relaxing as students rest from academic work in the classrooms.


When you walk the halls of our school you notice something different. Our hallways are always clean and shiny. Students and staff are proud of our school and keep it clean. Do you see some paper on the floor? Pause and pick it up. Plenty of light and bright colors make our corridors safe and comfortable for our students.


Our classrooms are the hub of academic activity for our students. Spacious, neat, clean, colorful and practical. An environment to stimulate the mind, where teachers can teach and students can learn.

Junior Club

After school you will find our grades 4 and 5 students in the Junior Club, a safe and secure home away from home. Activities within the school premises are arranged by qualified and experienced staff. These may include quiet time for studies, reading, computers and other activities. Students eat a snack, do homework, play games and unwind after the school day.