After School Clubs

Introducing the Junior Club at Junior Building

The Junior Club is an after-school program for children attending the IESG Junior School Years 4 and 5. We are a place for students to meet friends, play games and relax after a long day at school.

Our program is driven with the idea to engage students in fun, exciting and new activities while at the same time providing a safe and secure environment. The fixtures of the Student Room are available to us, i.e. board games, card games, foosball and pool tables; however, that is not all.

The Sports Hall complete with all equipment is available for use on a daily basis. We provide organized activities every week for our members, ranging from chess and drama clubs to sports activities, science experiments and baking. We want the Junior Club to be a fun place to be for everyone, with activities that appeal to a wide range of different interests. We are always open to new members.