Students at Gavle Senior makes the premiere play of RISK

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Student Work
End part of the play RISK

In the Spring of 2014 I asked two students, Emma Garcia Strid and Stina Berglund if they would read a book that I was proofreading. They loved it so I then read a draft copy of Risk by Fleur Ferris with my  8D class. The class offered their opinions of the book. Mostly good, a few critical but all constructive. I sent these to Fleur  who forwarded them to her potential publisher, Random House.

The publishers were impressed that the book was already enjoyed by the target audience and Fleur Ferris was impressed enough to change the manuscript in the way that 8D demanded!

Risk was published in July 2015 and has been a big success in its native Australia and is now into its second print run.

As the book concerns internet safety it is very topical and students can identify with the issues and the realistic portrayal of the characters both teenage and adult who are dealing with a traumatic situation.

I have read the book with my current year 9’s here at IESG.

On April 7th 2016 we premiered Risk: The Play here in school. I think it is safe to say that it was a success and will hopefully be the first of many performances around the world. If you look in the book’s acknowledgements page you will see that Fleur Ferris pays tribute to class 8D of 2014 and also to Emma and Stina.

Something to be proud of!

/Richard Duerden