Reflections and celebrations

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From the Principal
Reflections and celebrations

The end of a school year! It is a day of many emotions and thoughts, for students and parents, as well as for us staff members. We have watched some of these students grow and develop over 7 years in our school, and others for a shorter time, but they all make an impression on us, and it is a privilege to see all these young people learn and develop. Academically, they keep amazing us with their insights, their fresh angles, the way they make connections and inferences, the way sometimes things that have been murky and cumbersome just suddenly fall into place and become clear and understandable - what joy and what a victory! Socially we also see great development during these crucial years as students interact with classmates and staff and gain independence and self-sufficiency. These are things that we reflect upon as we send our students off on summer holidays, and especially as we send our graduating Year 9 students off onto new chapters in their lives.

Thank you, students, for all that you teach us and share with us, and thank you, parents and guardians, for entrusting us with your children. We wish everyone a restful and enjoyable summer, and we looked forward to welcoming returning and new students again in August!