Internationella Engelska Skolan in Gävle goes PINK

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Pink is the new black

During week 8, IESG celebrated Pink Week, the anti-bullying week, started two years ago at our school.

The campaign originally started in Canada when a boy wore a pink shirt to school and was bullied. Two of his classmates stood up for him, bought 100 pink shirts for students at the school to wear and turned up the next day in school, making quite a large statement. This was the start of Pink Shirt day.

Mr. Hall is networking with students during Pink Week lunches

At IESG we started the week by decorating the lunch hall pink. We had a photo booth where students and staff took photos with statements like "Stop bullying". On Wednesday all students and staff were encouraged to wear pink shirts, ties, hair bands, shoes etc to show their support.

We invited David Berjlund to the school to talk about identity and homophobia and everyone's right to be who they are and love who they wish. Also for the year 9's, they took part in Khazar Fatemi’s lecture also about identity and just being able to see that what people go through in the world, we must get knowledge about the situation before we judge it.

A class poster competition and a mannequin challenge ended this year's Pink Week in a great way. We really hope to let Pink Week grow in the future with more lectures, more student involvement and more knowledge about the right to be who you are. We stand up against bullying at IESG and Pink Week just shows one of the many things we do together.