With a grand finale, IESG's 14th school year has come to an end. 

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From the Principal

In the morning, our Year 7 and 8 students had their end-of-year ceremonies, received grades and awards for accomplishments, and ran off to enjoy the summer. 

After lunch, 212 nervous and excited Year 9 students, the IESG staff, and many hundreds of friends and family gathered at Estraden for another moving graduation ceremony - a grand celebration of learning and maturing, of ends, and new beginnings. This year, we were honored to have IES' founder, Mrs. Barbara Bergström, join us, and give one of the several inspiring speeches during the ceremony. 

It is a very proud and emotional moment for us to see all these young people, who have entrusted us with their education during formative years, now ready to step out and start the next stage in their lives, and we wish them all the very best!