Emerich Roth - Holocaust survivor

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Student Work
Emerich Roth - Holocaust survivor

For the third time, we have been honored by a visit from Emerich Roth. Emerich survived five concentration camps, and one of the infamous death marches. He has seen the ultimate evil of humankind.

Emerich spoke to our Year 9 students, and he means that they can learn from history and what he experienced, to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He also said that young people today have a very important role, and can signal if they notice that someone isn’t feeling well, and if those who aren’t feeling well get help and support in time, they will not become hateful. Perhaps the world would have turned out differently if Hitler had had support for his dream of becoming an artist in his youth, Emerich wondered.

Our Year 9 students do a big project about the Second World War in their Swedish, history and English lessons, and Emerich’s visit was a part of that. The students had the opportunity to ask questions, and Emerich gave answers based on his experiences, even though it was clear that it was at times quite difficult for him.

We are all moved and grateful for Emerich’s visit, and impressed that even at the age of 92, he still travels around and tells his story. “The future will tell if we meet again”, Emerich ended his visit at IESG.