Close to the end...

From the Principal
Close to the end...

As the winter darkness envelops us, we can feel the end of the autumn term coming nearer at a quick pace. We are ticking off events and activities, from scholastic ones like the Year 9 Scrapbook Projects and Oral National Exams, to life experiences like the Year 8 PRAO/practical work-life experience week, to celebratory events like Nobel Day, Lucia, and Christmas Sweater Day, until we finish off the year with chances for the students to develop further in subjects of their choosing during Choice Days. The term will finish on Friday, 20 December, with festive assemblies for each year group, after which our students can enjoy a well-deserved break.

The spring term will then start for the students on Thursday, 9 January, according to the normal schedule. We look forward to welcoming our students back then, rested and ready for new challenges!

We wish everyone Happy Holidays!