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Anti bullying week

At the International English School in Gävle we take anti-bullying work seriously. During week 8 we focus especially on this and contribute to the "Pink Week" network by getting our students involved in creating anti-bullying art for our school, as well as having important conversations on the topic. We look forward to seeing what creations our talented students come up with this year!

Student Work

Science field trip

The students had been selected based on interest and had to pass a knowledge test before being accepted. Their extra work paid off when they were first treated to a lively physics show that featured among other things infrared light and liquid nitrogen, and especially in the afternoon, the main event, when the students got to take part in a study testing for radioactivity in mushrooms from Björke and Trödje.

Demonstrating how efficient different bulb types are. The infrared camera showed heat loss in: incandescent, fluorescent and LED light bulbs.

This was especially poignant for our students, as our area was greatly impacted by the Chernobyl disaster 34 years ago. It was a terrific opportunity for the students to see and experience how research is conducted in a renowned research facility. 

The experiment set up. On the left you see the mushrooms and geiger-mueller tube. On the right you see the 200kg of lead used to stop the radiation from our bodies from contaminating the test.
From the Principal

2020 Here we go!

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A new term has started, and we are taking on new tasks and challenges with renewed energy after the break. The staff started with two in-service days to get everything ready for the students when they arrived.

Last week we were pleased to have visitors from IES’s headquarters here for a quality check-up. They spoke to groups of staff, students and parents, visited lessons and walked around the school. Afterwards, they had so many nice things to say about what they saw and experienced here during their visit, about the learning they witnessed, about the friendly and positive atmosphere, and about the staff and the students, which was wonderful to hear. 

Soon, we will have another similar visitor, Ms. Carola Lemne, new chairman of the IES board. She will visit us for the first time at the beginning of March, and we look forward to welcoming her and showing her our school as well.

Students and staff are also off to a busy and good start, with new projects and topics and interesting things to learn. Welcome back to another term at IESG!

Light your white candles, Saint Lucia!

Lucia show at IES Gävle Jr School

Friday the 13th of December and time for the annual Lucia show! Nervous students of various ages, but nothing to worry about. With the support of skilled music teachers and a supportive audience the show became magnificent, there were even some wet eyes around in the audience.

As always, a success!  Big thanks to all participants!

From the Principal

Close to the end...

Close to the end...

As the winter darkness envelops us, we can feel the end of the autumn term coming nearer at a quick pace. We are ticking off events and activities, from scholastic ones like the Year 9 Scrapbook Projects and Oral National Exams, to life experiences like the Year 8 PRAO/practical work-life experience week, to celebratory events like Nobel Day, Lucia, and Christmas Sweater Day, until we finish off the year with chances for the students to develop further in subjects of their choosing during Choice Days. The term will finish on Friday, 20 December, with festive assemblies for each year group, after which our students can enjoy a well-deserved break.

The spring term will then start for the students on Thursday, 9 January, according to the normal schedule. We look forward to welcoming our students back then, rested and ready for new challenges!

We wish everyone Happy Holidays!