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The end of an unusual school year

The end of an unusual school year

Our 17th school year is coming to an end, with lots of final work being finished off. This school year has, of course, not been like any of our previous ones, with the covid-19 pandemic turning the world upside down this spring. Even though we have been able to keep the school open, it has required a lot of flexibility from both students and staff, as we have had to make adaptations and changes quickly. It has been great to see how well students and staff have handled these changes and new challenges, and how, as a school, we have worked together to make the best of a difficult situation.

Some changes have been harder than others, and not being able to offer our graduating Year 9’s our usual graduation festivities, including a prom and a festive ceremony for family and friends, saddens us. However, we are doing our very best to create a memorable and festive ceremony for students and staff, and even if the celebration is smaller than usual, our pride in our students’ accomplishments, both academically and how they have grown and developed as individuals, is certainly not diminished! It is always so joyful and emotional to see the students we have watched learn, develop and grow, graduate and leave us, and take their next steps in life.

We wish everyone a beautiful summer, with time to spend with loved ones, to relax and recharge, while we still have to be mindful of social distancing measures and keeping healthy. Best of luck to those of you who are leaving us, and welcome back in August to the rest!

Student Work

Growing trees and knowledge


Starting last fall we got a group of approximately 10 students together to plant trees. The goal was to grow some trees in school that we could give out in the hopes that one day they would provide a nice view, some shade and if we are lucky, some ecosystem services. We connected this to what we were learning in science about global warming and how trees naturally are a carbon sink that also provide food and shelter to local animals. 

The seeds that we planted were a mixture of gathered seeds of oak, mango, avocado, and chestnut and redwood seeds that we ordered online.

They were grown (mostly) in the school and May is the time for them to be given out to the students and staff that have a nice home for them. 

'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.'

Student Work

The Spanish team's got talent!

The Spanish team's got talent!

Yet again, IESG students have impressed with their language skills. This spring, two of our Year 9 students, Julia Söderström and Elisabeth Gorn, qualified in the Spanish section of the International Language Competition. They went on to the regional final for the Stockholm region, where they finished an admirable third. Congratulations, we are proud of you! 


Week 8 = > Pink Week

Anti bullying week

At the International English School in Gävle we take anti-bullying work seriously. During week 8 we focus especially on this and contribute to the "Pink Week" network by getting our students involved in creating anti-bullying art for our school, as well as having important conversations on the topic. We look forward to seeing what creations our talented students come up with this year!