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Lecture - Khazar Fatemi 

Khazar Fatemi

On 7 March, our Year 9 students had a visit from the journalist Khazar Fatemi, a day filled with emotions and insights. She shared her journey towards finding her memories and identity, and about her work and responsibility. "Use your voice; people are dying for their right to use theirs" is one of her messages, and we don't think anyone left the day with her unmoved. 

Her film "WHere My Heart Beats" gives us insights into what identity is and what it means. Her work with the TV series "Endangered Culture" gives us an understanding of what we take for granted every day. 

Thank you for an amazing day together. The Swedish Department is proud of the respectful reception we give our guests - without our students it wouldn't be possible. 

The Swedish Department and Khazar Fatemi 

From the Principal


Stora, fluffiga snöflingor faller utanför fönstret, men trots det är våren på väg. Vinterns friluftsdagar och sportlovet är redan över, och snart är vårdagjämningen här. Ett vårtecken är också de nationella proven som genomförs i årskurs 3, 6 och 9.

Ytterligare ett vårtecken är att det är dags för våra årligt återkommande enkäter. Vi genomför enkäter bland elever, föräldrar och personal, och svaren från dessa är viktiga för vårt kvalitets- och utvecklingsarbete. Vi ber er därför att gå in på SchoolSoft där det finns en länk till föräldraenkäten och hjälpa oss genom att fylla i den. Tack! På SchoolSoft kommer ni också att finna den information ni behöver inför vårens utvecklingssamtal, och information om era barns skolgång och resultat i allmänhet. Kontakta skolan om ni behöver hjälp med inloggning till SchoolSoft.

Student Work

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo and Juliet IESG Wednesday 22nd February and Thursday 23rd February 2017


Ten students all united in dignity,
In the IESG gym hall where we laid our scene,
From grudge to love and a little stupidity,
Some on stage where they ne'er hath been,

Vibrant, rich romance from lithe Marnix and sweet Alva,
Wild abandon from Erik, the singing Julia,
Cool and calm strength from Sara and Emma-Moa,
Chorus from Moa, heroics on and offstage from Irma,
Nobility from Kajsa and wild frolics from Greta.

There was love, hate, poetry, singing and swordfighting, wonderful props and an electric atmosphere.

Thank you to everyone involved but mainly to Marnix Van Heusden, Alva Lindblom, Erik Daunfeldt, Julia Simren, Sara Remback, Emma-Moa Almström, Moa Åhs Lundberg, Irma Bohlin, Kajsa Stenlund and Greta Olsson.

From the Principal

Starting up spring term 2017

Starting up spring term 2017

A new year, a new term, and school is back in session! The students have jumped right back into learning, but the day before they arrived, the staff did some learning as well, when we had another First Aid course for all staff at the school. We have these important courses for staff every few years, and for students First Aid is also part of their Physical Education curriculum. 

Even though we are continuing the same school year, there are some new things for the students. Year 7 and 9 switch groups for Music and Domestic Science, and Year 8 and 9 switch groups for Woodshop and Textiles, as well as Technology and Art. We also welcome Ms. Löwdin back from parental leave, and welcome our new staff member Ms. Jeppesen to us.