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Season's greetings

Lucia illustration with a Prao choir

As the days get shorter and shorter, we are coming to the end of the term and the year. These last few weeks hold quite a few special events for our students. The Year 9s are finishing their oral National Tests, the Year 8s have one week of “PRAO” - practical work-life orientation, and we also have three choice days coming up, where students have the chance to pick a subject to delve deeper into. There are also several special festive days; Nobel Day, Lucia, our Christmas Sweater Day, and then the end of term ceremony to celebrate the work and learning that have taken place during the autumn term.

Lately, we have had the pleasure and privilege to have Antigone Karapetsa, an educator with 42 years of international experience, including being a teacher educator around the world for 26 years, visit our school to observe and work with us. We were humbled and proud when she shared some of her impressions of our school, and we want to share them with you as well:

It was a great opportunity to experience first-hand how great your school is. My first impressions were of a very healthy and happy atmosphere everywhere. The students are very keen to learn and progress; the teachers take great pride in their work and show passion for their subject; they are all very caring towards the students and want to give them the best. Management is very supportive and encouraging and the lunch was outstanding. In all honesty, this is my first time in 42 years of work to experience a great sense of well-being in an institution. Really excellent!

And on that positive note, we wish everyone Happy Holidays, and look forward to seeing our students again for the start of the spring term on 9 January!

FUNdraising for Movember

Students throwing pie at teachers

Why not combine a good cause with some good fun? This year we turned up the Movember fundraising campaign a notch by offering the students the chance to buy pies - and throw them at staff members! This was a very popular activity that raised several thousand crowns for the Movember charity in less than an hour - and perhaps gave students the chance for a little "payback" against teachers who have been working them hard! 

In total, the school raised 7445 kr for Movember. 9C was the class that donated the most, 1500 kr, and they will get a pizza party as a thank you. And, the clear winner for best staff mustache this year was Mr. Mattes - congratulations! Many thanks to everyone who took part in this successful fundraiser.