A most cordial welcome to us at the International English School in Gävle!

Mr. Hall, principal, IES Gävle

Here at IES Gävle, our over 1,200 students in grades 3-9 are always our main focus. It is very important to us that our students have a calm and safe school environment, in order for them to develop academically to their full potential, as well as gain advantages for the future by learning to command the world language English from an early age.

We have now started our 19th school year here in Gävle. This means that we have a great deal of experience, but we are always striving to develop and improve for the benefit of our students. This year, some of our efforts and investments include:

  • continued development of our IT resources at the school: from this year our Yr7-9 students each have their own school computer to use for school work. For the younger grades, we have invested in more computers compared to the number of students.
  • an improved textile room in the Junior building.
  • a new P.E. resource area with space for special activities in connection to our spacious Senior building P.E. hall 
  • we have increased our team with a school psychologist as well as a speech-language pathologist and behavior analyst to be able to help our students even better.

This school year again, we have welcomed new colleagues from around the world. Both staff and students from different backgrounds give us all more knowledge about, and a deeper understanding of, the world we all live in.

We have also received the results from the surveys that were conducted among students, parents, and staff during the spring. Overall, they show great satisfaction with our school, but they also give us important information about areas to focus on.

Again, a warm welcome, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries!