Our Story

The International English School in Gävle is a school within the IES organisation. We are an independent school (grades 3-9) which was started in 2003. The school is located in two buildings, years 3-6 in Södra Kungsgatan 59, and years 7-9 in Södra Sjötullsgatan 3.

Our approach to education aims to promote:

  • Positive, active, cooperative learning
  • High academic ambition and achievement
  • Student self esteem

At our school students are encouraged to take responsibility for their educational development. With our  ”approaches to learning” skills as a base students quickly develop their self esteem, leading to high levels of both academic ambition and achievement. Our highly effective student care team work closely together with teachers in order to ensure that our goals are attained.

The International English School in Gävle incorporates character development programs designed to enable students to deal with anger management and conflict resolution in conjunction with self-esteem enhancement. These programs include verbal judo, anti-bullying/friendship campaign “BIG”, tobacco and alcohol awareness, camp confidence etc.

In conjunction with the educational philosophy of the International English Schools organisation, IES in Gävle strives to align itself with certain fundamental educational ideas.


These include:

  • Goal-oriented learning
  • All students being given the opportunity to succeed
  • Internationalism
  • Bilingualism
  • The creation of a constructive, calm, safe learning environment